About Boat Noodle eGift

"thank you", "congrats", "have a good day"
Let's send a gift through messaging app/e-mail.

eGift is a digital gifting service where you can send gift cards to your friends online

How to send
1. Choose a design and create your card
2. Pay Online
3. Send gift URL through messaging app/e-mail.
How to redeem
1. Go to Shop
2. Choose your favourite item and show the eGift card to the cashier.
3. Have fun!!
Frequently asked questions
What products can be redeemed when using a gift card?
A recipient can redeem their favorite item, subjected to availability upon order. <br>If the item price exceeds amount of the gift card, the recepient will pay the excess amount for it.
Are there expiration dates for eGift?
The expiration date is stated on the ticket screen, please confirm it before visiting to outlets.
Is there any registration required by the reciepient to use eGift?
No app, no registrations are required.
Can I cancel and get a refund after the purchase of eGift?
If the payment is competed, your purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Please note that no change will be given.
Credit card and bank transfer is available.